Not your Momma’s Chicken Pizza… I hope.

We just received some new and exciting products in the meat department. Including a new line of items that could be the inspiration for dinner! We no longer have to steer people to the deli department for pulled pork – we have it for you!

But there’s one product that made me a bit hesitant. As I was taking the items off the pallet, my eyes caught a Lunchable variety that I didn’t recognize. The name on it read “Chicken Pizza.”

Chichen Pizza? As a Lunchable? It could be good, I thought. It depended on what they used as a sauce. Some sort of creamy alfredo or barbecue sauce, and it might work. Or it could be bad.

I opened the box to put the product on the shelves. They decided to go the “bad” way. To the point where it was hilariously bad.

Lunchables already offers a cheese pizza. It basically consists of a small flatbread crust which you (or, more than likely, your kids) put a smear of tomato sauce on top, then sprinkle shredded cheese over the creation. Presumably, it is eaten cold.

Well, Lunchable Chicken Pizza follows the same formula. Only on top of the cheese you can add some tiny chicken nuggets. Ta da! Chicken pizza… thing.

I think my exact words upon seeing the product were “Oh my goodness, this is horrible! Kids will love it!” And yes, some have sold since we’ve received it.

But that was pretty much the only bad addition to the Walmart deli wall. Great Value now offers their own variety of Lunchable-like products as well. As well as chipotle chicken breast lunch meat, uncured hot dogs, and Jimmy Dean Sausage Scrambles.  We even have foot-long Ball Park hot dogs for a limited time.

So stop on by the Moscow Walmart! If you happen to catch me there, I’d love to help you find what you’re looking for. And if you’re daring enough to try the Chicken Pizza yourself, I’ll point it out to you.


If I get another pet….

If I end up with another dog or affectionate cat, I think I will name it “Darkness.”

That way, I can pet it and say “Hello, Darkness, my old friend. I’ve come to talk with you again.”