It’s too early to post….

We have an alarm clock that automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time. That way, we don’t have to set it. Isn’t that wonderful?

Unfortunately, it seems that the date for Daylight Savings Time is hardwired into the system. So instead of changing on a Sunday morning, it changes on a set date. Like… today. As a result, I got up an hour earlier than I was supposed to… and didn’t even notice until about half an hour ago.

Well, I have time to kill before I have to leave for work. Might as well give my sadly neglected blog an update!

I managed to land a job at the local Walmart. I’m in the meat department, stocking shelves, checking product for quality assurance, helping customers, and the like. It’s decent work, and I like the people I work with. I don’t spend a lot of time sitting, so there’s lots of physical activity, at least. I’m thinking that I will have to share interesting stories and observations I encounter while working there.

I still haven’t decided where to post my latest novel. I’m kicking around the idea of setting up another WordPress site and linking it to this one, but the challenge is finding the time. I’ll want to have decent cover art for it, after all. ¬†And no, I haven’t decided to pursue my dream of being a professional writer again. In fact, aside from game reviews, I haven’t wanted to write much of anything these days. If I’m not going to get anything from it, why waste my time? I’d rather do something fun, like play games, or spend time with the family.

“But, Todd!” you might be saying. “Writing is fun!” I may have thought that at one time, but not now. Coming up with ideas to write about is fun. Editing is fun. Helping other people with their works is fun. But actually writing a coherent plot? Well… OK, that can be a little fun. But not as much fun as other things in my life right now.

Actually, sleeping sounds like fun right now. But I have to leave for work soon. Sigh….

In any case, I hope those of you reading this are having a good day, and that your clocks are working correctly!