The end of a chapter.

Yesterday was a big day in my life. After nine years, I’ve left my job at Pioneer Title Company. It’s been a fun run, but it was time to move on with my life.

A big part of this decision was my writing career. I have always wanted to be a writer, even before I could read. I always wanted to create my own stories, my own characters, my own worlds. And I wanted to share these with others.

But that was nearly 40 years ago. I’ve written many things since then, and even had a few articles published, but never any novels. I’m not getting any younger. So if I’m going to get my writing career under way, I need to remove some of those things in my life that is distracting me from that.

Sadly, Pioneer Title was one of these. Title work may be interesting, but spending nine hours a day there, as well as a couple hours (or more) driving to and from home wasn’t allowing me to get anything down on paper. Or in a word processing program, as it were.

But that’s where the new chapter begins. As my previous post stated, I’ve started a new business! I want Garnet Services to be a valuable resource to those who also would like to be published. Many publishers won’t even look at an author’s work unless it has been professionally edited. I would like to help others clear that hurdle and get one step closer to seeing their books on the shelves, or in the virtual marketplace.

It also will be a good way to keep up my own skills. I’ve been writing reviews for Christ Centered Gamer for a while, and have participated in National Novel Writing Month for several years as well. But now it’s time to push myself to the next level. It’s time for me to achieve the title of “published author” myself.

It’s time for me to close the chapter on “title officer.”

Want to see what happens in this new chapter of my life? Come along with me, and we’ll write it together!


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