Open For Business!

I’ve been pretty quiet on my blog recently, but that hardly means that I haven’t been busy! I’ve been building up to this day for some time (and have even dropped a few hints along the way).

But I’ve finally pulled the trigger, as it were. It’s time to take action. And that action is to start my own business.

I’ve called it Garnet Services, and it will allow me to serve you, my faithful readers, in what I can do best – editing and proofreading services. I have also combined this with computer maintenance and service, including house calls, but since that aspect is more of a face-to-face transaction, I’m afraid I have to limit that to Latah County, Idaho. Perhaps, if my business gets big enough, I can set up a shop in your location, too!

But little steps. Little steps.

The Website can be found at It still needs a bit of development (I’d like to add more graphic elements, for example) but all of the important points are there – what I have to offer, my rates, and some information about me and the business.

This is the first time I’ve tried to start a business. This is the first time I’ve tried to run a business. I’m sure that it’ll be a learning experience, at the very least, and quite an adventure, too.

Hopefully, a rewarding one.

In any case, I look forward to hearing from you on the site. And don’t worry – this blog isn’t going anywhere right now. I’ll still be providing writing tips and my perceptions as a writer from the great State of Idaho for quite some time. In fact, I may have some more time here in the short future to provide more tips.

Stay tuned. This business adventure is one of the big changes happening in my world, but by far, it won’t be the only one!

And, as usual, thank you very much for reading! I do appreciate it!



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