Guilty pleasures – are you in or out?

I generally don’t watch television. It’s such a passive activity. You just sit there and watch moving images on a flat screen.

I know some people – all right, a lot of people – enjoy it. But I much prefer reading a book or playing a game. I prefer activities which do more to challenge me and engage my brain. With most TV programs, I just sit there and absorb.

Or, more often than not, think about other things I could be doing, instead.

But tonight is different. Tonight will be the premiere episode of a reality series that my wife and I do enjoy.

It’s Season 15 of Project Runway.

For those that don’t know, this is a competition where 16 designers from across the country (and, occasionally, from other countries) compete to make fashions and complete various challenges. Some of them are somewhat traditional, like a dress inspired by architecture around them. But some of the challenges are really outlandish, like making an outfit out of car parts or candy wrappers.

I think I enjoy it because it serves as a time to bond with my wife. We talk about the different fashions and designers and try to guess who will win, and who will be cut. (Sometimes it’s also fun to go shopping later and actually recognize some of the designer’s names. For example, Christian Siriano has a deal with Payless Shoes. He also was the winner of Season Four of Project Runway.)

The shows can be seen on the Lifetime Channel, and they typically have the latest episodes available to watch for a couple weeks after they air. My wife and I will be watching!

Now back to writing. I have a novel to finish!


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