It’s picture day!

Actually evening, as I write this. I’ve finally updated my photo! Now, instead of the lizardman I created with DAZ Studio, you can now see a picture of me with my posts!

… I’m not sure if that’s an improvement, actually. But at least you have an idea as to what I look like. A face to go with the name, at least!

It doesn’t have enough scales, in my opinion… ah well.

The photo was taken by the impressive Kitty Goodwin, the manager at Pioneer Title Company in Pullman. She also tends to take photos for sporting events at Colfax High School, so if you live on the Palouse, there’s a chance you’ve seen her around. And if you need any title work done in Idaho or Eastern Washington, you should check out Pioneer Title Company. They’re one of the best – and not just because they had the good sense to hire me several years ago.

I’m hoping to have more updates to this blog in the next few days. Stay tuned for some big news!




2 thoughts on “It’s picture day!

  1. It is always nice to put a face to the words that we read 🙂 If we use them long enough though, our non-photograph display pic can also become just a unique as a photo ID, don’t you think?


    1. That can be true – especially if you’re working on developing an on-line persona. An identity separate from your real-world character. A virtual nom de plume, as it were.

      I’m using my real name – and my picture – because I want people to get to know more about me. This will likely become especially relevant as I submit my novels to different publishers. If I have an audience that already knows me and likes what I can produce, it could help convince a publisher to print my book!

      And for those willing to help me out by reading my blog, publishing comments, or asking me questions, if we meet in public I’ll be willing to sign my book for you. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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