A lazy Sunday in northern Idaho

So I’m sitting here in the bar that my sister-in-law recently opened. It’s called Bailey’s Public House in Bovill, and I’ve been helping out where I can. My wife and her sister have been doing most of the work with the food and the people and whatnot. I just do some lifting and put things together.

And sometimes some proofreading.

There are plenty of other things I could be doing, instead. For example, working on more game reviews. Or getting one of my novels ready to submit to a publisher. Or working on a Web page so I can get my business up and running. You did know I was hoping to start a home-based business, didn’t you?

Yes, I’m hoping to get a business started where I can help other people get their works published. I’m going to offer proofreading and editing services, because if there’s one thing any good writer needs, it’s someone else to look over their work, and give them an honest assessment about what needs to be tweaked, revised or completely rewritten. If you would like to hire me for this service, please feel free to contact me! I have no issues with taking on customers right now. Besides, it will give me a good feel as to how to treat my customers, and what they might expect of me.

So yes, I could be working on any of those. But instead, I’m sitting here at Bailey’s making a blog post. Because every once in a while, you just need to relax on a Sunday afternoon. There will be enough to do tomorrow.

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