So… what’s your type?

Every once in a while, my wife and I come across personality tests like the one on this Web site. I tend to find these tests quite fascinating, and accurate. It also tends to give me insight on how I conduct myself, and how others might perceive me.

Incidentally, if you’re curious, I typically end up either as an INFP or INTP. My “Thinking” vs. “Feeling” tends to be pretty much split down the middle, so it all depends on how I feel at the moment which personality fits me best. I’ve always, ALWAYS tested as introverted, though. Which should come as a surprise to anyone who knows me.

Why don’t you take the test yourself and see what kind of personality you get? If you want to post the results below, go ahead. I’d love to get to know more about my readers! (I’m also curious to know how many bloggers end up as INFP. Apparently, those with that personality all want to be authors. Imagine that….)

But it occurred to me that this test could serve another purpose as well – your characters. Try taking the test and answer the questions as your protagonist or antagonist would. What personality type would they get? Read through the results and think about how to use it to shape your character. It could give you more insight as to how to make him or her or it behave  – ways that your readers can find believable. It might even be in ways you hadn’t thought of before.

And if all else fails, it’s fun to read the results!


7 thoughts on “So… what’s your type?

  1. Done the test years ago and in the beginning came out INFP/J. Now I KNOW I am INFP.
    Very close match to INFJ but when I started studying the cognitive stacks it become clear that the placing and function of the stacks are quite different, actually opposite. It is really interesting to see my INFJ husband and daughter in action (or thoughts for that matter). Subtle but obvious differences.


    1. The test is interesting, isn’t it? I haven’t had my kids try it yet, but I’m thinking about it. I’m thinking that at least two of them will end up being E-types, but we’ll see what happens. Thanks for reading!


      1. Very interesting. Wish I knew my girls personality types when they were younger, but it is never too late to guide them from MBTI perspective. The acceptance and understanding factor between my ENFP daughter and myself is quite special now.


  2. I’m an INTP, which feels pretty accurate. I actually took the test as part of a class so the professor could understand all of us better/teach us based on that (the class size was tiny), but I’ve taken the test with the mentality of some of my characters, just to see what they’d get and results were pretty helpful for characterization.


    1. I’ve found the test interesting, and since taking it, I’ve noticed things about myself that I hadn’t really paid attention to before. I also look forward to trying the test as if from the perceptions of my characters. Thank you for reading!


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