A new story appears!

I have a new story published in the premier issue of an online literary magazine known as “The Drowning Gull.” Hopefully, it will lead to an ongoing serial in that publication. If you’d like to see the magazine, go ahead and take a look at this post from the lead editor and creator of the magazine, Tiegan Dakin.

I have some ideas for some fun characters in the series, so I hope you enjoy it, as well as the other entries that will appear. I’ve got the rough outline of the plot in my head, but I really should commit it to paper before too long….

I’m hoping to find more time to write – not just with this serial, but with other stories, a novel or two to finish and/or edit and, of course, more blog posts. We’ll see what happens. I’m still bouncing around in that pinball machine called life.

In any case, thank you for reading, and tolerating my slow updates to this blog. I hope I won’t disappoint!



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