He followed me home! Can we keep him?

The other day, my eldest daughter came in from doing her chores. My wife was at her computer, doing some research. “How are the animals?” she asked.

My daughter responded with “hiss….”

Yes, my daughter brought a snake into the house. No, my wife wasn’t terribly pleased. But I’m sure that she responded with kindness and encouragement about our daughter’s interest in the natural world, and the care that she has with the fellow creatures that live on this planet.

It may have come out sounding like a screeched “WHATISTHATAAAHGETITOUTGETITOUTGETITOUTOFMYHOUSE!!!!!” But I’m sure the sentiment was there.

“I call him Mr. Slithers.”

Frankly, I think it’s great that my daughters aren’t annoyed by those that creep and crawl around out there. I encourage their keen interest in the natural world. My youngest daughter has expressed interest in becoming an entomologist, in fact, and adores most insects (she has a particular fondness for caterpillars and butterflies. She doesn’t like mosquitoes, though. Or spiders.) My eldest daughter (the one with the snake wrapped around her hand) wants to be a veterinarian, and has been for quite some time. It’s been said that there haven’t been enough women involved in STEM classes, so the future looks bright for my daughters. I encourage them to explore the world, and not be afraid of snakes or bugs or other things that live beneath our feet.

My wife also wants our daughters to do this, too. Just… outside. Not in the house.

To each their own, I suppose….

No, we weren’t allowed to keep the snake. But he(?) is encouraged to live in the barn and look for mice up there. So perhaps we’ll meet again later this year.

Maybe he’ll find a nice snake girlfriend, and they can start a family. Wouldn’t that be nice? A barn full of snakes….

OK, dear. You can stop shuddering now. I’m done.

7 thoughts on “He followed me home! Can we keep him?

    1. Yes. Yes it is. 🙂 Do you know what kind of snake it is? My kids think its a “racer,” but I’m a bit rusty about my snake identifying skills. (e.g. as long as it’s head isn’t spade-shaped, and it isn’t rattling, it’s probably OK.)


  1. And you wonder why I generally leave the barn chores to you and the kids and make sure that I wear sturdy shoes when I am in there? ICK!!! Snakes have their purpose in the world, but not in my house.


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