So… what’s your type?

Every once in a while, my wife and I come across personality tests like the one on this Web site. I tend to find these tests quite fascinating, and accurate. It also tends to give me insight on how I conduct myself, and how others might perceive me.

Incidentally, if you’re curious, I typically end up either as an INFP or INTP. My “Thinking” vs. “Feeling” tends to be pretty much split down the middle, so it all depends on how I feel at the moment which personality fits me best. I’ve always, ALWAYS tested as introverted, though. Which should come as a surprise to anyone who knows me.

Why don’t you take the test yourself and see what kind of personality you get? If you want to post the results below, go ahead. I’d love to get to know more about my readers! (I’m also curious to know how many bloggers end up as INFP. Apparently, those with that personality all want to be authors. Imagine that….)

But it occurred to me that this test could serve another purpose as well – your characters. Try taking the test and answer the questions as your protagonist or antagonist would. What personality type would they get? Read through the results and think about how to use it to shape your character. It could give you more insight as to how to make him or her or it behave  – ways that your readers can find believable. It might even be in ways you hadn’t thought of before.

And if all else fails, it’s fun to read the results!


A new story appears!

I have a new story published in the premier issue of an online literary magazine known as “The Drowning Gull.” Hopefully, it will lead to an ongoing serial in that publication. If you’d like to see the magazine, go ahead and take a look at this post from the lead editor and creator of the magazine, Tiegan Dakin.

I have some ideas for some fun characters in the series, so I hope you enjoy it, as well as the other entries that will appear. I’ve got the rough outline of the plot in my head, but I really should commit it to paper before too long….

I’m hoping to find more time to write – not just with this serial, but with other stories, a novel or two to finish and/or edit and, of course, more blog posts. We’ll see what happens. I’m still bouncing around in that pinball machine called life.

In any case, thank you for reading, and tolerating my slow updates to this blog. I hope I won’t disappoint!


He followed me home! Can we keep him?

The other day, my eldest daughter came in from doing her chores. My wife was at her computer, doing some research. “How are the animals?” she asked.

My daughter responded with “hiss….”

Yes, my daughter brought a snake into the house. No, my wife wasn’t terribly pleased. But I’m sure that she responded with kindness and encouragement about our daughter’s interest in the natural world, and the care that she has with the fellow creatures that live on this planet.

It may have come out sounding like a screeched “WHATISTHATAAAHGETITOUTGETITOUTGETITOUTOFMYHOUSE!!!!!” But I’m sure the sentiment was there.

“I call him Mr. Slithers.”

Frankly, I think it’s great that my daughters aren’t annoyed by those that creep and crawl around out there. I encourage their keen interest in the natural world. My youngest daughter has expressed interest in becoming an entomologist, in fact, and adores most insects (she has a particular fondness for caterpillars and butterflies. She doesn’t like mosquitoes, though. Or spiders.) My eldest daughter (the one with the snake wrapped around her hand) wants to be a veterinarian, and has been for quite some time. It’s been said that there haven’t been enough women involved in STEM classes, so the future looks bright for my daughters. I encourage them to explore the world, and not be afraid of snakes or bugs or other things that live beneath our feet.

My wife also wants our daughters to do this, too. Just… outside. Not in the house.

To each their own, I suppose….

No, we weren’t allowed to keep the snake. But he(?) is encouraged to live in the barn and look for mice up there. So perhaps we’ll meet again later this year.

Maybe he’ll find a nice snake girlfriend, and they can start a family. Wouldn’t that be nice? A barn full of snakes….

OK, dear. You can stop shuddering now. I’m done.

Camping trips that last forever!

A while ago, one of my friends on an Internet forum asked me what I thought of camping trips. Frankly, I love them. There is nothing like headed out into the great outdoors, away from the bustle and the noise of the city, and getting back to nature.

One of the things I love the most about camping would be the mornings. I’m not a morning person, in general. But when the birds are singing as the sun climbs over the hills, and you can smell the dew on the trees as the cool air caresses your face…. There’s just something about a sunrise while camping that makes you really appreciate the beauty of this world.

Now, imagine if you could experience this feeling every single day.

That’s what it’s like living out in the Idaho countryside. It’s one of the main reasons I hate being in cities. Too much noise and pollution, and too many people. So what if I don’t have pizza delivery? It’s no big deal if I can’t use my cell phone. Should it matter if the nearest grocery store is a 30 minute drive away?

All those sacrifices are worth it. Living out among the trees and the wildlife is so much preferable than luxuries like that.

… of course, I might change my tune once there’s three feet of snow on the ground. But it’s springtime now, so I had better enjoy it!