Proud Papa Moment

I had planned on writing about something else for my next post, but a discussion that I had with my 12-year-old daughter last night interrupted that.

We were driving to a church event and we were talking about the animated show Animaniacs, which has just been added to Netflix earlier this month. As the conversation flowed, I eventually started talking to her about Ronald Reagan. (How’s that for a bizarre transition? Sometimes you never know where conversations will lead!)

Me: One of the things that Reagan said was “A rising tide lifts all ships.” Do you know what means?

Her: No.

Me: Basically, that if something is good for one group, it could be good everyone. One of the things that Reagan did was cut taxes for businesses. So basically, businesses paid less in taxes to the government, and were allowed to keep more of their money. Do you think that’s a good thing, or a bad thing?

Her: I think it’s a good thing.

Me: Why is that?

Her: Well, that means the business would be able to invest in their own business. They could build more buildings.

Me (impressed that my 12-year-old daughter understands the meaning of the word “invest.”): That means that the businesses could hire more people, or pay their employees more. That’s pretty good, isn’t it?

Her: I think so.

So my wife and I must be doing something right with her education. We haven’t even discussed economics with her, and already she knows more than a lot of politicians and voters in this country. Perhaps common sense isn’t as rare as we think.



2 thoughts on “Proud Papa Moment

    1. Thank you! I hope she continues in this fashion. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up, and from the sound of it, have her own vet clinic (the reason is because then she’ll be able to afford her own horses, and take care of them herself). So if she ends up with a keen mind for business practices and economics, it will help her when she runs her own business!

      And maybe she can help me do my books, too. 😛

      Thanks for reading!

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