Not the flippers! Anything but the – OW!

I feel like I need to apologize to my readers here. And I do thank all of you for reading and keeping up with my thoughts!

But it’s been quite some time since I’ve published a post, and here I was trying to be good and do one post every day or every couple of days. But lately, I’ve been feeling like life is a pinball machine. But I’m not the one controlling the flippers – no, I’m the ball. It seems like there are a bunch of things that I’ve been juggling a the same time, and most of them don’t involve writing.

(Well, I did get a church newsletter done. And a couple of game reviews. But that’s all the writing I’ve had time for.)

So I’m hoping to dedicate more time to writing, and blogging from this point out. And, hopefully some freelance editing!

Yes, I would like to start my own freelance editing business. But I’ll need to do a bit more research first. I’ve never run a business before, and frankly that seems to be the biggest hurdle to this new endeavor. The editing portion would be the easy part. Trying to do business taxes and all the other math thingies is what has me hesitant about taking the plunge!

Numbers aren’t my friend. My calculus grades are a testimony to that.

But if things start moving more in that direction, I’ll be sure to tell you. Who knows? You could be one of my customers in the future! I won’t let you down!

I just don’t have my “Open” sign turned on yet.

I hope to have more to present in the next few days as well. Like I said, there has been a lot going on, including the construction of a greenhouse, and the loss of a family pet. But those are topics for another time.

Now its time to bounce around the playing field some more. I hope the player doesn’t hit the multiball bonus again. That hurt last time.


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