Weird Dream No. 1: Dean of the School

I think I may share some of my dreams here – especially the really bizarre ones that leave me scratching my head. Like the one I had last night.

I was the dean of a prestigious, private Presbyterian school. I can’t tell you the name, because I think it was made up, and I don’t remember it. But it was a small building perched over the edge of a steep canyon. It rested on long poles and was attached to the top of the cliff by guy wires, and presumably other methods (or maybe not – it was a dream, after all). Whenever the wind blew through the canyon – which was often – the entire building swayed and shuddered.

I was coordinating a series of volunteers who were to take phone calls from donors who wanted to keep the school going. Other volunteers would be calling donors from the past to try and encourage them to donate again. My wife was one of the callers, but there weren’t any other people that I recognized there. I was not going to be able to help them with the telemarketing efforts, though – I had to speak with the Presbyterian council because of a “controversy.”

The council wanted to talk to me about my position at the school because, for some reason, it had “recently” come to light that I was not a Presbyterian. In my dream, I distinctly recalled telling them that when they called me on the phone to offer me the position. At that time, they didn’t care – God had told them that they needed to offer me the position of the dean of this private school. I accepted the position just out of curiosity. In my dream, I wasn’t too concerned about this meeting with the council – in fact, I had been expecting it.

Even if they decided to let me go – which was likely – I thought to myself that my position at the “prestigious” school would be a fantastic inclusion to my resume. Also, it would be nice to work in a building where I didn’t have to worry about the place falling several hundred feet into a canyon.

I woke up before I could actually meet with the council. But I had no idea what inspired the dream, or what I can do with the ideas it presented. It didn’t have enough details to make a good story, and was too bizarre to make any sense of.

It could make a funny blog post, though!



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