Hooray for Idaho!

I typically refrain from posting political thoughts here in this blog – I save my Facebook feed for that. But yesterday was the Idaho primary, and the results were quite pleasing.

Ted Cruz is the clear winner in the Republican primary, beating Donald Trump by more than 30,000 votes. This should come as little surprise to those that know Idaho, though. The people here are fiercely independent, and aren’t terribly fond of big government. Candidates who spout off about new laws and regulations are more likely to turn off voters, rather than attract them. Even Democrats running in this predominantly Republican state know that, if they’re anti-gun, they don’t even have a glimmer of a hope of getting elected.

The Republican nomination may end up going to a different candidate, and the President may be someone other than the Republican choice. But I find it comforting that, here in Idaho, I’m typically surrounded by like-minded people. People who value personal freedom over big government “security.” People who have the attitude of “if you leave me alone, I’ll leave you alone, and we’ll all get along.”

It’s friendlier that way.

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