Nag, nag, nag….

It seems that, wherever I work, I tend to get directed into the IT department. Sometimes I’m the only member of the IT department. A big part of it probably comes from me having an interest in computers ever since I was a little kid. Quite often, I understand computers better than I understand people.

Of course, one of the biggest aspects of computer maintenance in today’s society includes virus protection. This includes “nagware,” or software that tells you over and over and over to install it, usually for security reasons. Of course, when someone clicks on it, boom, virus.

But what do you do when the nagware is your operating system? Here’s a dialogue that seems to happen at least once a week….


Windows: You should install Windows 10!

Me: No, thank you.

Windows: Millions of people already have installed Windows 10! Why not you?

Me: Some of the programs we use are not 100% compatible with Windows 10. I’m not doing it until I know for sure our essential computer programs will work with Windows 10.

Windows: But it’s more secure than Windows 7 or 8!

Me: I don’t want to switch right now!

Windows: If you install Windows 10, you’ll get a free copy of Minecraft!

Me: This is my work computer, so we shouldn’t be playing games on it anyway.

Windows: How about free coffee?

Me: I don’t drink coffee! How many times do I have to tell you no?

Windows: … OK, we lied about the coffee, anyway. But still, millions have installed Windows 10, so you should to!

Me: NO! Now knock it off before I throw this computer out the window! I do not want to install Windows 10!

Windows: … All right. But if you change your mind we’ll ask you again next week.

Me: Whatever. Now GO AWAY!

Dell: We noticed you haven’t taken advantage of our cloud-based storage discount yet.

Me: (sobs quietly in the corner)


This is why I use a MacBook.





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