Level up your gaming cred!

I haven’t posted in a bit because I’ve been busy with writing! I have been working on more game reviews, a couple short stories, and other projects that I’m hoping to announce here in a few days.

But I wanted to let you know about a fantastic deal right now. If you’re into tabletop role-playing games, or have ever thought about getting involved, you may want to check out what the Humble Bundle site is offering right now.

Humble Bundle started out a few years ago as a way to sell independent video games for whatever price the buyer wanted to pay. A portion of the purchase would go to charity, and the rest would go to the game developers. The idea exploded with success, and the people who run the site have expanded considerably.

Their book bundle this time around includes a huge collection of Pathfinder materials. Pathfinder is a tabletop role-playing game by Paizo Publishing, based out of Redmond, Washington. The bundle includes everything that you would need to play or run the game – well, everything but other players. You’re on your own for that part. Those who pay more than the average gets more materials than they can use to develop and play their own adventures.

Almost all of these are electronic copies of the materials, but paying $25 or more unlocks a special treat – a physical copy of the “Beginner’s Boxed Set.” Take note that this boxed set, which includes instructions, tokens, gaming mats and dice, normally costs $34.99 on Paizo’s Web site. So to get that AND a whole slew of books for $25 is a fantastic bargain! (Shipping and handling is an additional charge.)

Not only that, but a portion of your money can go to the charity of your choice. Personally, I would choose the Web site Christ Centered Gamer, which provides game reviews from a moral perspective. But then again, they publish my game reviews, so I’ll admit to be a bit biased.

In any case, if you want to see the bundle for yourself, feel free to click this link right here. If you choose to pick it up, great! If you choose not to, that’s great too! Tabletop gaming isn’t for everyone, after all. But it can be a good way to stretch those creative muscles, get together with friends, be inspired to write, and generally have a good time.

Take note that this deal won’t last long – once March 9 rolls around, Humble Bundle will roll out a different book deal. So if you want this collection, you’ll have to act fast.

I’ll get back to my regular posts about writing and Idaho soon enough. But until then, game on!

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