In Memoriam

I had been planning on writing a silly story in response to my own writing challenge I posted on Saturday. However, real life interfered – as it is prone to do – and twisted the challenge in a way that is all too familiar.

One of my friends and former employers, Steve McClure, passed away on Valentine’s Day after a short battle with an extremely aggressive cancer. He leaves behind his wife – a sweet woman who also had a battle with cancer – and two young sons. After working as the managing editor for the local newspaper, he became a pastor and a mentor for many at a local church. He was a good, spiritual man, and will be missed.

For some, Valentine’s Day is a day for romance. To others, it’s a reminder of scars that never fully heal. My thoughts and prayers go out to the McClure family, and to all of those who are hurting right now.

But to end on a lighter note… it’s President’s Day! A day off for a lot of people, including myself. So how about a trivia question? How many forms of U.S. currency can you name that do not have a President on them?

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