Valentine’s Day! … or, you know, whatever….

Sunday is Valentine’s Day! The day for lovers. To get lost in the gaze of your beloved, while you share a meal by candlelight and soft music plays in the background….

If you’re into that kind of mushy stuff, of course.

I have my own reasons to not be terribly fond of this holiday, but I won’t trouble you with the details right now. Perhaps next year. But the idea of Valentine’s Day does make me think of a short story series I’d been kicking around for a while, and this could be the perfect opportunity to challenge my fellow writers!

Think of Valentine’s Day. The day for lovers and eagerly anticipated dates. Now, think of what could go wrong with the day.

There’s your football. Pick it up and run with it!

Write about a botched date, an embarrassing dinner, a mistaken identity, or anything else that could take the perfect night into hilarious new territory. Maybe the hero books a date three months in advance at one of the hottest places in town, only for it to catch fire while the hero is there with his date. With the food they had ordered, no less. Or maybe she’s waiting for her on-line date to come knocking at the door in eager anticipation, but when he gets there, she finds out that he isn’t even human – it’s a rather intelligent parrot that she’s been chatting with. Or if you can think of something even nuttier, write it!

If you post it on-line, feel free to include a link in my comments, below. I’ve been thinking of a story as well, and I may post it here to this site on Valentine’s Day. We’ll see! But I certainly look forward to reading what you have to offer!


4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day! … or, you know, whatever….

    1. Oh my goodness! That was hilarious! I have tears running down my face and my stomach hurts from laughing. Todd timed it well. He had me read it when I was quite tired. My normally pretty dry and highbrow or black humor goes out the window when I am tired. Todd knows that fart jokes have the possibility of sending me crashing to the floor in laughter or crying great sobs from laughing so hard. I did not crash to the floor this time, but boy oh boy do my stomach muscles hurt and my eyes sting. Thank you for sharing that story.


      1. Take note, readers – sometimes you have to know your audience. That’s my wife, ladies and gentlemen! You’ll likely read more about her in the coming days. Thanks for reading, honey!


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