Hello there! Welcome to my Blog!

I know, not much of a catchy title. But I have to start somewhere.

Hello. My name is Todd, and I’m writing to you, dear reader, from Idaho. No, not Iowa… a lot of people make that mistake. We’ve got more mountains here. And elk. And moose. And bears. And lots and lots of trees.

That’s why I like it so much. All the trees. I used to go hiking a lot when I was younger, and it’s nice to get back out in the woods again.

But for all my life, I’ve also wanted to be a writer. My first book that I’ve ever written was when I was four years old, about a firehouse cat who wanted to be like a firehouse dog. It wasn’t much – mostly pictures, and some odd scratches which are supposed to be letters. I think my parents still have it somewhere.

Sadly, even though I’ve always wanted to be a writer, I’ve never had a book published. I’ve had articles appear in gaming publications like Knights of the Dinner Table, though. I’m also a contributing editor and reviewer for a great video game site called Christ Centered Gamer. But I’ve never really been able to land a steady, paying gig, as it were.

I’m hoping to change that, though. I have successfully completed National Novel Writing Month for six years now, and have five manuscripts. Some need more work than others (a lot more work, in one instance), but I have one that is ready to be published… or so I think. I’ve submitted it to a few small presses, but have only received rejection letters… if I get anything at all.

I’ve been reading a book on how to get published that my wife gave me (yes, I’m married. With three kids!) The second chapter recommends establishing an on-line presence, and growing an audience, before submitting your works to publishers. So I may have skipped a step, but at least I can back up. Now to see if I can get people interested in my works.

That’s where you come in!

I’m hoping that I can keep you entertained over the coming months and years. I’ll share snippets of life in Idaho, some of the things that inspire me, and some of the challenges that I face. I also hope to find a place to post short stories – perhaps even a serial – to give you, dear reader, a taste of what I have to offer. And all I ask in return is a bit of feedback. Let me know what works for you, and what doesn’t.

In any case, this might be a bumpy ride, but hopefully a fun one! Strap on your snow shoes, and put on your thick coat. It’s February in Idaho, and it gets cold on the journey!

~~ J. Todd Cumming


2 thoughts on “Hello there! Welcome to my Blog!

  1. Good luck! I’ll leave the book publishing to you, and the screenwriting to me… I hope once you get a publishing contract that you’ll let us all know.

    Perhaps if you have any shorter pieces you’d like to place, you could submit them here. https://thedrowninggull.wordpress.com/

    It’s an online lit mag I just started. Any submissions I can get at this point would be wonderful.


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